Advanced Certificate in Digital Humanities

Applications now open for Spring and Fall 2018 Enrollment

Every day new forms of human knowledge are being digitized and converted into data. Knowing how to organize, visualize, and analyze textual, spatial, and qualitative data have become essential skills for those who seek to understand and to contribute to the body of human knowledge and expression.

The Advanced Certificate in Digital Humanities integrates the study of the liberal arts with the tools of computer science. The courses in the Advanced Certificate give students proficiency in Python, a popular programming language widely used in data visualization and analysis, in database tools essential for organizing and publishing large collections of digital materials, and in website design and development. All of our courses are project-based. There are no computer science prerequisites.

The Advanced Certificate in Digital Humanities can be completed in one year. Students enrolled in the Advanced Certificate in Digital Humanities will be awarded a Naomi Sager Scholarship in their admission offer. The scholarship is in the amount of 25 percent of tuition for the three core courses in the Advanced Certificate. The scholarship is awarded for the following courses: CSCI-GA 1120, Introduction to Programming (4 points); CSCI-GA 1121, Working with Data (4 points); CSCI-GA 1122, Web Development (4 points); CSCI-GA 1123 and Programming Applications (4 points). The scholarship is for tuition points only; it does not include registration and services fees or health insurance.


The Advanced Certificate in Digital Humanities is a 20-point program offering comprehensive training through three required core courses worth 12 points and electives totaling 8 points.

Required Courses:

Plus electives totaling 8 points in the department of their choice.

Faculty advisors will work with students to recommend electives most appropriate to their scholarly and professional objectives. Some students will wish to deepen their engagement with particular methodological approaches, while others will wish to invest more study in digital approaches within a particular discipline.

To apply: (GRE results and a writing sample are not required.)

If you are currently a graduate student at NYU, please contact us at