Core Courses:

All courses offered by the Program in Digital Humanities and Social Science are open to current graduate students at NYU, with permission from their department. Please contact us at to enroll.

Core courses in programming and programming applications:

CSCI-GA.1120 (PDF) Introduction to Programming (Python), 4 points.
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer programming as students design, write, and debug computer programs using the programming language Python. No knowledge of programming is assumed.

CSCI-GA.1121 (PDF) Working with Data 4 points.
Students study the principles of relational database design and learn to build, populate, manipulate and query databases using SQL on datasets relevant to their interests. Students will also explore data presentation through data visualization.

CSCI-GA.1122 (PDF) Web Development, 4 points.
This course provides a project-based approach to web programming and development. Students study the principles of web design and each student builds several interactive websites based on content relevant to his/her interests.  Note: The CSCI-GA.1120 pre-requisite has been waived for the Spring, 2018 semester.


Students in the Advanced Certificate program select two courses in their discipline from among the graduate courses offered in GSAS. Students are also be able to take elective courses in other schools with the permission of the Program Director.

Elective courses in the student’s discipline do not require a pre-existing digital component. Students are asked to work with their advisors to select courses that allow them to gain experience using their newly acquired digital skills and methods in their chosen field. Please contact your academic advisor, one of our DHSS Advising Faculty, or send email to  for advising on your course selection for the Advanced Certificate in Digital Humanities.

Qualified students may take a placement test to place out of Introduction to Programming, CSCI-GA 1120, and, with the approval of the Program Director, substitute a more advanced programming course from among those offered in the Department of Computer Science.