Financial Aid

The Naomi Sager Scholarship is offered to students enrolled in the Advanced Certificate in Digital Humanities. The scholarship is in the amount of 25 percent of tuition for the three core courses in the Advanced Certificate.  The scholarship is awarded for the following courses: CSCI-GA 1120, Introduction to Programming (4 points); CSCI-GA 1121, Working with Data (4 points); CSCI-GA 1122, Web Development (4 points); and CSCI-GA 1123 and Programming Applications (4 points).  The scholarship is for tuition points only; it does not include registration and services fees or health insurance.

Students who obtain awards from recognized funding sources outside of NYU (e.g., foundations, private institutions, government agencies) can apply for additional awards toward tuition through the Graduate School’s Tuition Incentive Program (TIP). Details about TIP eligibility criteria can be found here.

The Naomi Sager Scholarship is named in honor of Dr. Naomi Sager, a pioneer in computational linguistics at NYU. Sager earned her doctorate in linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. In the early 1960s, she was part of the team at U. Penn. that developed the first English language parsing program, running on a UNIVAC. She then came to NYU to continue her work on automated parsing. In 1965, she launched the Linguistic String Project, aimed at developing computer methods to access information in scientific and technical literature, based on linguistic principles. She managed the project for 30 years, until her retirement in 1995. Several of the leading figures in automated natural language processing were students of Sager at NYU.