Program in Digital Humanities and Social Science

Living in the 21st Century means living in a digital environment. Creating, preserving, and disseminating digital knowledge have become increasingly important skills. The Program in Digital Humanities and Social Science offers students the opportunity to learn these skills.

New York University’s program in Digital Humanities and Social Science is an interdisciplinary graduate program offered through a partnership between the humanities, social science, and Computer Science departments in the Graduate School of Arts and Science. The program provides training in computational tools, database management, data analysis, and web design and development for students without prior knowledge of coding or computer science.

Graduates of the program will leave with a number of skills: fluency in a variety of programming languages and applications; competency in web design and development; ability to populate and manipulate large databases; and many other technical skills that will prepare them for a variety of careers in the private, non-profit, and public sectors.

Thank you for your interest.