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This is a second line with extra text to check on the READ MORE. The Advanced Certificate in Digital Humanities is open to students who wish to earn the Advanced Certificate as a stand-alone program. This program can be completed in one year. Qualified students will be awarded a Naomi Sager Scholarship in their admission offer. The scholarship is in the amount of 25 percent of tuition for the three core courses in the Advanced Certificate. The scholarship is awarded for the following courses: CSCI-GA 1120, Introduction to Programming (4 points); CSCI-GA 1121, Working with Data (4 points); CSCI-GA 1122, Web Development (4 points); CSCI-GA 1123, Programming Applications (4 points) and DHSS-GA 1100, Statistics: Understanding and Using Data (4 points). The scholarship is for tuition points only; it does not include registration and services fees or health insurance.